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ASCC provides a range of road events across the year that includes both race and recreational rider options. All races are managed by a Race Director and a Commissaire who is accredited by AusCycling. The safety of participants at all events is paramount. Riders must ride UCI compliant bikes and wear approved helmets.

ASCC is always seeking volunteers to train as race directors or commissaires. If you are interested in assisting with any events, please contact us. Training for Commissaires is provided by AusCycling and can lead to an interesting pathway to state and national competition officiating if this interests you.

Individual Time Trials

ASCC conducts 10 and 20 km individual time trials that are open for riders with a Lifestyle, Off Road Racing and All Disciplines Racing Licences. Riders set off on a marked course, generally at 1-minute intervals and return to the same point recording their individual time. Riders are not allowed to draft other riders and must ride a UCI permitted time trial bike. These rides are very safe and suitable for new riders who are not familiar with riding in a peloton.

Gran Fondos

A Gran Fondo is quite simply a long-distance cycle ride for recreational cyclists of all abilities. The term ‘Gran Fondo’ is Italian and can be roughly translated as ‘Big Ride’. ASCC conducts several Gran Fondos across the year along some very scenic routes that generally end in a social BBQ and transport home. Generally the event will include a “Fast” and “Not so Fast” group with different starting times. All Gran Fondos have a support vehicle that ensures all riders make it to the end or are collected on the way.

Road Races

ASCC conducts several different types of road races during the year, including individual and team graded handicaps, King of the Hills, etc. An AusCycling “All Race Discipline Licence” is required to enter Road Races.

Touring Rides

ASCC also conducts either the West Macs Cruise or the Kings Canyon Cruise, both of which are multi day supported group rides. Full details of which rides are being offered and details of the ride and how to enter can be found on the ASCC Events Calendar.

Road Riding etiquette

Cycling is a strange sport. There are as many unwritten ‘rules’ as there are written ones. As you get fit, join bunches to train or even enter a race you will find out either politely or not so politely which code of conduct you just broke. Stay calm and if you can set your ego aside for one moment, say sorry and let them know you are new to the sport. In 99% of cases the person will probably say sorry back and be more than happy to share the dark and mysterious world of riding etiquette. Next minute you will be sharing a coffee and have made a new friend. Next time you are on the road people will think you are Pro!

Cycling Etiquette boils down to SAFETY, your safety and the safety of the people riding around you. Its not always obvious why one thing is safer or less safe. Over a few hundred years cyclists have worked every possible angle on how to avoid skin being left on the ground, which is the perfect segway into the first rule:

These are the three golden rules and what follows is one way or another an expansion on these.