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On this page you will find information and links to the following;

1. ASCC Policies
2. Event Directors Information, Guides and Forms
3. Officials Allowance
4. Reimbursements
5. Rider Development Policy
6. Equipment Hire

1. ASCC Policies
Alice Springs Cycling Club is affiliated with AusCycling and as such works within the approved policies and rules set by AusCycling, unless the ASCC committee sets its own policy for a specific issue.

AusCycling policies and rules can be found here.

ASCC policies can be found here.

2. Race Directors or Commissiares:
Information and tools for Race Directors and Commissaires can be found at Race Director and Commissaire information

3. Officials Allowance
Race Directors, Commissaires and Chief Volunteers that deliver events on the published calendar can claim an allowance, vehicle mileage and reimbursement of approved costs. To claim the allowance go to: Hit here to open Officials & Volunteer Allowance and Expenses Claim form.

4. Seeking Reimbursement Form
If you need to seek reimbursement for expenses you have paid for on behalf of ASCC, hit the following link and complete the reimbursement form it generates. Complete all details, attach copies or photographs of the receipts and submit. This will go directly to the clubs treasurer.
Hit here to open reimbursement form.

Rider Development Policy
ASCC has established a policy and fund to support the development of eligible members. Rider Development Policy and application form can be found here.

5. Equipment Hire
Alice Springs Cycling Club has a range of bikes and cycling training and racing equipment that can be rented by ASCC members and visiting AusCycling members to support members to participate in, learn and develop cycling skills during their regular training and racing sessions.

Hire can be arranged by reading the rental policy below and then hitting the link to rental request form below. Rates for hire of equipment are outlined in this rental agreement.

Please download and read the rental agreement policy above prior to completing the rental request form below.
To start your hire complete the Hire Request Form via this link Rental Request Form

Bikes and equipment rented through this agreement may be used by members for training, social rides and racing events for the duration of the rental agreement.
This agreement allows the member named in the Rental agreement (or parent/guardian if under 18) to take temporary responsibility for the safe transport, storage, routine maintenance and cleaning of the equipment for the agreed rental period.

The rental agreement is not open ended but covers a defined period of up to three months to ensure fair and open access to use of the equipment by other members.