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We operate to promote cycling in Central Australia where we have a world class outside velodrome, plenty of great roads, easy to access mountain trails and the Simpson Gap bike path.

The Alice Springs Cycling Club provides a broad variety of cycling activities including track, road and cyclocross. There are organised training rides, social rides and plenty of racing in all disciplines. Each year the club publishes a calendar of events including Criteriums, Time Trials, Road Races, Gran Fondo's, Hill climbs and fun social rides. To see this year events hit here.

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Weekly Training and Rides

Track Training

Tuesday, Thursday

Feel the need for an extra adrenaline hit during your week? There is always room for more rides to ramp you up for the upcoming ASCC track season or to just improve your road/MTB fitness. Track training normally happens every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 5pm. Watch out for Track racing during the season on Thursdays. ASCC has excellent track bikes for club member use. Come out and we'll set you up! For more info contact the club via our facebook site, or email

Saturday Century Ride


The 100km ride will start from Tom Brown roundabout at 6:30am during winter and 5.30am during summar. It is currently starting at 5.30am. This ride generally averages around 30km/hr. Anyone who does not want to do the full 100km is welcome to turn back for home at any time. The route is decided at the roundabout on the day. If there is a race on Saturday there may not be any riders attend. You can visit the Alice Springs Cycling Club Members Facebook Group and post a question to check what is happening on any given Saturday.

Tuesday and Thursday Hills Ride

Tuesday, Thursday

****Warning Group rides are not affiliated with Alice Springs Cycling Club**** Riders leave town between 5.30 and 6.00am, and make their own way up the North Stuart Highway, then group at Bond Springs turnoff at 6.30am for the return ride. Most riders head into town for a coffee and are on their way to work or home between 7.30 and 8.00 am. Bond Springs turnoff isn't signposted, but it's 10.4km up the highway from the Motor Vehicle Registration building (the last building on your right heading north from town. Look for the bike lights!