Membership Options

Check out the AusCycling website for membership options. There's a membership for all types of rider!

Please note that not all ASCC events are held in areas with phone reception, so it is best to do this in advance.

Junior Sports Vouchers

The NT Government Sports Voucher Scheme provides junior riders with a $100 voucher, which can be redeemed from Alice Springs Cycling Club. The vouchers can be used for junior membership and/or for purchase of ASCC official kit.

Join Alice Springs Cycling Club with the NT Government Sports Voucher Scheme

Joining ASCC using the NT Government Sports Voucher scheme is a manual process, rather than the online membership. Use this only for Junior Memberships that will be using the voucher scheme. For all other ASCC memberships (senior and normal junior) please use the links at the bottom of this page.

1. Download, print and fill out the 2016 Membership Application Form available at

2. Attach the sports voucher to the form and mail or deliver it to:

Alice Springs Cycling Club

PO Box 2487

Alice Springs NT 0871

3. ASCC will claim the Voucher from the NT Govt to collect the
money and process the form

AusCycling will send the membership card to the address on the membership application form.

FOR ANY QUESTIONS relating to membership please contact ASCC Membership Officer: