ASCC has policies to guide our support of competitive cyclists and volunteers, as well as equipment for loan to club members. Read the policies to check your eligibility:


ASCC Equipment rental policy Mar 2011

ASCC Volunteer Support Policy Sept 2013

ASCC Constitution 2006

CA 2015 Club Policies and Procedures

For club volunteers seeking reimbursement for expenses incurred through ASCC events, please fill out the following form and provide receipts. Send it to alicespringscc@cycling.org.au.


If you don't have receipts, you can still claim reimbursement by filling out the following statutory declaration:


Cycling Australia Policy

Cycling Australia has a Member Protection Policy and Child Protection Policy that guide the protection of members, including administrators, coaches and officials. These policies protect member from harrassment, discrimination, vilification, abuse and other forms of appropriate behaviour and ensure the right people are involved in CA and in cycling: