​Farewell Paul Darvodelsky

25 June 2018

Alice Springs cycling lost a great friend, advocate and competitor this week with the passing of Paul Darvodelsky. Paul was an active member of both ASCC and CARR who simply loved bikes and people who ride them.

Paul and his wife, Cath, moved to Alice in 2010 to be closer to Central Australia’s trails, community and lifestyle. They quickly became involved with all types and aspects of cycling and endeared themselves to everyone around them with their generosity and enthusiasm. Paul had an engine like his soon-to-be acquired Mercedes and was a committed trainer and fierce but unselfish competitor. His favoured events were always the hardest – time trials and long cross country or road races. Many a group spent long periods trying to hold or catch Paul’s wheel as he powered off the front. Above all, however, he took time to mentor and encourage everyone around him in cycling, business and life in general.

Paul has always found his way to the centre of Alice Springs community life. In recent years, his improvements at the Alice Springs Cinema allowed late-night showings of Tour de France mountain stages and other movies, for the simple purpose of bringing people together. He also became the CARR president and led the most successful Easter in the Alice mountain bike race to date.

Paul’s legacy and influence on the Alice Springs cycling community will be long- lived. Our thoughts are with his family as we all come to terms with what our beautiful landscape will look like without his familiar presence.

Ride on, Paul D.